New online teaching and learning platform

digital-learningWileyplus learning space is an online teaching and learning platform that integrates school based resources to fit every learning style. WileyPlus is a tool that can be used by both students and classroom instructors.

Key Benefits of Wileyplus to the Instructor

Classroom instructors can use Wileyplus learning space because the platform comes with features that simplify and enhance instructor’s task’s including marking assignments and grading. Teachers are also able to customize their classroom presentations to grasp student’s attention through inbuilt resources such as rich audio visuals and PowerPoint slides.

Courtesy of engagement report feature, educators are able to monitor students’ progress and can even identify if a particular student is struggling with studies. The engagement report utilizes various metrics that provide a holistic view of class based activities, and through such analysis it is possible to see students who are improving or struggling in school.

Wileyplus enables real-time insight into a student’s progress. The system is designed using a very intelligent algorithm and educators are able to view learner’s completion rate on all the assignments. Through the learning platform it is also possible to view class participation per learner, and also time spent working on particular tasks.

There is also a performance score feature that automatically tracks the number of correct questions answered against the number of questions attempted. For instance, if a certain learning objective comprises of ten question, but it took fifteen attempts to get all the responses right, the performance score will be indicated as 10/15. Such a feature is ideal when monitoring a students learning ability.

Benefits of Wileyplus plus to Students

Wileyplus learning platform is also an excellent tool for students. Through Wiley Plus learning space students are able to obtain a complete online version of their textbook together with other relevant study materials. The system has integrated resources that facilitate homework management whereby learners are able to obtain instant feedback and context-sensitive assistance on all their class assignments.

There is also an online grade book that can be used by students to track their learning progress. This feature is beneficial because students can gauge and compare their learning abilities with some of their peers from the same class to identify their strengths or weaknesses. Wiley plus Learning space comes with a time management system that comes with a reminder for important events. Learners can explore this feature to adequately plan for their studies. For instance, the system can be used as a reminder to study when exams are just about the corner.

Wiley Plus Learning space fosters collaborative learning. Students are able to engage in series of discussions through an inbuilt chatting system that provide learners with freedom to contribute to other student’s opinion on a real time basis.

Wileyplus learning space comes with a “flipped” classroom concept students are able to learn, engage, and practice with course materials at their own free time. This implies that classroom lectures are optimized for concept mastery and brainstorming sessions. This saves resources because students are not forced to travel frequently, while the learning institutions minimizes on their operational expenditures through cost saving on items such as electricity that will not be frequently used inside the classroom.

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